Looped C

TT Series

Available in 5 Flow Sizes with a wide range of options and accessories

Specifically designed for transfering highly corrosive chemicals and for use in clean room
chemical transfer applications such as the manufacture of microelectronic components,
solar panels and semiconductor related applications. Features include totally non-lubricated
technology, fully bolted and torqued pumps with built in design features to resist
material creep and reduce the chance of leaks forming over time. Multiple connection
types available to match your application needs.

TC-XTT pump TC-XTT pump

Standard Grade PTFE Pump Models

Model Code:   TC-X030TT TC-X050TT TC-X152TT
Max Flow Rate:   2.16 GPM
(8.2 LPM)
2.96 GPM
(11 LPM)
3.2 GPM
(50 LPM)
13.2 GPM
(50 LPM)
39.6 GPM
(56 LPM)
Connection Size:   1/4" (6mm) 1/4" (6mm) 1/2" (15mm) 3/4" (20mm) 1" (25mm)  
Check Valves:   Flat Flat Ball or Flat Ball or Flat Ball or Flat  
Max Slurry Solids Size:   0 mm 0 mm 1 mm 2 mm 3 mm  
Air Pressure Range:
  30-73 PSI (0.2 ~ 0.5 MPa)
Wetted Body Materials   PTFE
Diaphram / Valve Materials   PTFE
Certification:   CE
Specialized Options & Accessories   Filter Regulator, Flaretek connections, Leak Sensor, High performance muffler, NPT/ ANSI connections, Automatic Spool reset switch, High performance Spring retainers, Stroke counter, PTFE Coated Tie-Roads, PTFE coated SUS reinforcement Plate, Pulsation Dampener. H Series High Temperature model for Liquid temperatures up to 150 C, E-Series Electric Solenoid Controlled Pumps with Proximity Sensor. Optional Clean room assembly.





Instruction Manuals

  TC-X (030/050/100TT)
  TC-X (152TT)
  TC-X (253TT)

Service Manuals

  TC-X (030/050/100TT)
  TC-X (152TT)
  TC-X (253TT)


  TC-X (030TT)
  TC-X (050TT)
  TC-X (152TT)
  TC-X (253TT)
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