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TC-X TT Series

TC-XTT pumps are a special range of PTFE pumps designed to transfer highly corrosive chemicals. These pumps can also be used in some clean room-type chemical transfer processes such as in the manufacture of semiconductors..

TC-XTT pump TC-XTT pump
Standard PTFE Models TC-X030TT TC-X050TT TC-X152TT
Liquid flow rate 8.2 L/min 11.0 L/min 50 L/min 50 L/min 150 L/min
Connections 1/4" thread 1/4" thread 1/2" thread or flange 3/4" thread or flange 1" thread or flange
Check Valves Flat Flat Ball Ball Ball
Maximum solids size 0 mm 0 mm 2 mm 2 mm 3 mm
Air pressure range 0.2 to 0.5 MPa (72 PSI)
Wetted body material PTFE
Diaphragm/check valve material PTFE on all models
Certification CE
Special pump line-up TC-X050TT-H (H) High temperature model for liquid temperatures up to 150°C
E-Type (E) Electric solenoid controlled pumps with roximity sensor
Accessories & special options Filter Regulator. Flaretek® connections. Leak Sensor. High performance muffler. NPT/ ANSI connections. Clean room assembly.
Automatic Spool reset switch. High performance Spring retainers. Stroke counter. Peek type spool. Plastic centre rod. PTFE Coated
Tie-rods. PTFE coated SUS reinforcement Plate.



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