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TC-X500 Series Metallic Flap Valve Pumps

Highly-Engineered 2” Aluminum Flap Valve Pumps are specifically designed for challenging & demanding fluid transfer applications. Fitted with a heavy-duty, mechanically-actuated shifting mechanism with a non-centering, coil spring assisted air motor. Resists stalling and freezing in almost all operating conditions. Achieves very high flow rates and discharge heads both reliability & efficiently. Designed with top down fluid flow configuration – top Inlet & bottom outlet to help facilitate the transfer of large solids or heavy, slurry-laden liquids efficiently. Heavy duty HNBR rubber encapsulated steel flap valves are capable of handling very large sized solids up to 1.77” (45mm)

Maximum Flow Rate: 158.5 GPM (600 LPM)
Maximum Discharge Head: 230 FT (70 m)
Available in:  Aluminum
Spool Valve type: Heavy Duty Mechanical
Certifications: CE, ATEX

TC-X500 Series Metallic Flap Valve Pumps

TC-X500 Series Metallic Flap Valve Pumps

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